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About Us


I am a disabled product designer that has an emphasis in apparel production that aims to make products that give people the feeling of being free, comfortable, and blissful. The art used in my designs inspires people to be creative in everyday life and value the daily mundane actions they perform. I am a lifelong learner advocating for a continuous search for beauty and inner truth.


W/Love is a eco-efficient clothing brand established in Modesto, California by me, Isaiah Wallis. In high school I decided to make t-shirt designs that I wanted to see in fashion. In 2015, I made 30 shirts with a rose design front screen print and a back print with details on the drop. After selling these, I took a break from the brand to improve my ability to design and make a product. In 2019, we , my older brother and I, decided to open up our website and drop the first official W/Love collection titled, ¨Uh Oh Another Streetwear Brand¨. W/Love Clothing is now From Zay W/Love owned solely by Isaiah Wallis.


Isaiah Wallis is a black disabled designer/artist from Modesto, CA. He started his career as a designer in his freshman year of high school as he learned to sew, make patterns and perform surface textile designs. Following high school, he was accepted into Cal Poly Pomona where he now attends as an Apparel Merchandising and Management student with an emphasis on apparel production. He currently releases his designs through his brand From Zay W/Love, also known as W/Love Clothing, a clothing brand that aims to tackle sustainability issues within the apparel industry. Using second-hand clothing and his knowledge of clothing alterations, he aims to produce works using the best sustainable practices and concepts available to him, constantly seeking to produce timeless designs that are more eco-efficient than the last project. His biggest inspiration is his faith in God inspiring him to seek beauty and an upright path daily while observing the world to placing himself in time and culture. His main canvas of choice is second-hand clothing. Isaiah is a mixed media artist that uses photography, collage, digital art, textiles, and painting to create his pieces focusing on metaphors and their connection to visual communication.

Designer Statement

. Art and design are about rethinking the ways things are done. Ecological literacy and Social imagination are necessities for a better way of expressing and creatimg. So I design from fiber and textile waste   


Designing from waste I aim to help create more circularity in fashion snd extend the life of apparrel and fiber products while helping others express themselves freely.


being free, comfortable, and blissful. Connected with the ALL.

Vision/Inspiration behind W/Love

W/Love is focused on providing creative design concepts inspired by nature and cultural stories. I do this with my clothing by making Black Americana and Island Wear made from up-cycled materials from vintage and second-hand clothing and accessories. I do this through visual art through the graphics and patterns I make for my clothing and the accompanying concepts. My designs are inspired by sustainable design principles focusing on using only what is necessary while accomplishing the goal and futurism imagery because of its use of color and focus on what things could be. I combine these concepts in the designs of From Zay W/Love to not only grab attention, but also to create designs that have meaning and purpose.

Goals of W/Love

Through sustainable design and manufacture strategies W/Love will develop products that allow my clients to express themselves in a liberated way. I hope to bring a future of sustainability where people are valued over profit and we focus on and support human creativity and prosperity. While doing this I hope to be able to tell stories and spread messages that inspire people who see my designs. I want to provide my customers with truly unique circular products that visually communicate stories and other messages.
I also hope to become a regenerative product development studio so the first step I have made to achieve this goal is all products made by me are up-cycled from textile and fiber waste. I do this in hopes to prevent fashion waste from clothes being thrown out and oppression from second-hand clothes affecting developing countries growing apparel and textiles industries. This also allows us to make clothes that are truly unique and 1 of a kind. I use fabric scraps in my projects and I dye print and use group dyeing to reduce my water usage to cups of water for pounds of fabric.
Outside of my goals involving my clothing and accessories I want to be able help in my local community and in the black community. I've started by raising awareness on issues, using my voice against oppression and creating circular designs. I also donate with each Center of Attention T-shirt to a therapy fund for black girls and women and plan to do more shirts with the same idea. I hope that through my art and donations I can make a positive change.
  Finally the rest of my goals can be summed up to these next three statements. I design clothes others have not seen before. I guide others to be their best creatively. I teach others to improve their design thinking.